Ben for short. Experienced in end-to-end data science & engineering using Python, but I consider myself a generalist. Deeply excited about autonomy and cryptocurency (disjointly). Standing up out of chairs whenever possible. Keeping beginner's mind as best as I can.

10-day Vipassana Retreat

Date: October 2018

Location: Yangon, Myanmar

Totally silent, 11 hours of meditation each day. Profound insights and 'ego-less' experiences. Mixed reviews about Vipassana as its organized and as a technique/philosophy: blog post coming shortly.

Zen YMJJ Retreats

Date: Several since 2016


Silent Buddhist retreats in the Korean Kwan Um Zen tradition. Deep discoveries about myself, the mind, the world, and the nature of knowledge. The Way/path/process is (always) ongoing. Ask me more if you're curious.

National Outdoor Leadership School

Date: Summer 2009

Location: Wind River Range, WY

30 day backpacking trip in extremely remote part of the Rockies. No trails, navigated using topo maps. Carried food for 10 days and met twice at planned sites for food rerations.