Ben for short. Experienced in end-to-end data science & engineering using Python, but I consider myself a generalist. Deeply excited about autonomy and cryptocurency (disjointly). Standing up out of chairs whenever possible. Keeping beginner's mind as best as I can.


Repetition: 2x per day

Description: 30 minutes, sitting on a cushion or on a pillow, hands folded near my navel.

Reason: Too many. Getting rid of 'reason', getting rid of 'I', helping me sleep, discovering reality as it is. How people can get by in the world who don't meditate is a mystery to me.

Vinyasa Stretching

Repetition: Every morning before meditation

Description: 2-3 passes of a standard yogic Vinyasa flow (1-2 minutes)

Reason: Get the blood flowing, put my awareness into my body, check in to see if any injuries

Cold Shower

Repetition: Every morning after meditation

Description: No heat, fairly quick (2 min or less)

Reason: Takes me out of my ego for a bit and reminds me that pain is made up by the mind. Wakes me up. Trains my capillaries to deal with cold. Let's me flow with the seasons a bit, as the water temperature is a lot colder in the winter.

Posture Repositioning

Repetition: When working, every few minutes. Otherwise, whenever I notice my posture should be fixed or changed.

Description: When working, I stand or lean in many different variants, and take 'mobility breaks' to move around. If I notice my back slumping or my neck hanging, I go through a 'bracing sequence' (ADD LINK TO KSTAR YT VID) to correct my posture

Reason: Staying in one position (especially a bad one) for a long time leads to long-term health problems

Working Out

Repetition: At least once a day

Description: I try to be actively training for some goal, and that will determine the workouts I do. But whatever it is, I try to go as hard as my body and mind will take me.

Reason: Physical health, stress management, mental health.

Brushing Teeth & Flossing

Repetition: 2x per day (brushing); 1x per day (flossing)

Description: I close my eyes when I brush my teeth, and focus all my energy on accessing every part of my mouth in sequence. When I floss, I hit the spacing between every tooth twice.

Reason: This is ridiculous...why is this jerk putting this on his portfolio? I see these two activities as incredibly important. They are totally monotonous, neither fun nor painful. Yet their regularity reminds me of all the other things I must do to sustain my own ability to live each day.